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    Mars Venus Coaching Curaçao, France, & Netherlands

I am here to support you and to accompany you along the beautiful journey of rediscovering your True Self

Do you sometimes feel something is off, that for some reason you feel trapped in certain patterns and you just don’t know how to free yourself from them? You just know or feel that this is not the real you wandering through your precious life. It affects your romantic relationships, perhaps your work, maybe your family and friends or actually just yourself, on a daily basis?

Well if that is the case, as it is for so many of us, then I have good news for you! You have come to the right place.

Let’s begin shall we?

My name is Lara Bonomo, and I’m proud to say that I am a certified Mars and Venus Life Coach (a certification based on John Gray’s international best-selling books).

I strongly believe that life is an ongoing journey about exploring and discovering the outer and inner world of our true self. I am passionate about learning and expanding my consciousness around the subject of gender intelligence and self-improvement and I am dedicated to share my knowledge with others.

In today’s busy world we can get very distracted by many things, our phones, the media, people, and mostly by our own thoughts which often keep us preoccupied and inhibit us from finding our true potential.

4 steps of how we are going to work together:

Let's discover what is really important to you.

First, let’s discover what is really important to you.

I’m going to take you through a range of impactful questions, that will shift your perspective on how you see yourself and also find out what truly matters to you in life.

Next, we are going to craft a precise path to get there.

After we know where you are in your life and where you desire to go, we are going to make a plan together to progress to that vision step b step.

Next, we are going to craft a precise path to get there.
I'll have your back and help you along the way.

I’ll have your back and help you along the way.

When we know what to do to get there, I will stay by your side and help you during the process by keeping you accountable and supporting you in any adversity.

Let the voyage begin.

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About Lara

Hello, my name is Lara, I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in France. I mostly lived my life in the South-East of France, in a beautiful area called the Drome, but recently I’ve moved to Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean, a constituent country of the Dutch Kingdom. Funny right, that somehow twenty years later, I came back to an environment that echoes with my roots in some alternative way. I’m very blessed that I could live and experience so many different cultures, people and environments at still a pretty early stage of my life. I think it has expanded my worldview in a multitude of different ways, and enriched my desire to always discover more about everything that is there. Ever since I was a spontaneous little girl, I have always been curious about life and enjoyed discovering the magic that resides within it.

Anyhow, several years ago I got very passionate about self development, I had an « Aha » moment when I came across one of the books of John Gray. Then I felt that this was the path I wanted to follow. So I’m happily certified from the Mars and Venus coaching program. Which has considerably broadened my knowledge about the subject.

After highschool I first studied Art, another passion of mine. I think this creative side is also something that helps or enables me to see the world and life from a multitude of different perspectives. I believe keeping an imaginative mind is what was essential for me to find my way and I believe it is also very resourceful in helping other people rediscover theirs. I like to think that there is no right or wrong path in life, the most valuable journey we can choose is the one that really feels aligned with ourselves. We might not find it the first time, but that is Ok, we can make mistakes, have compassion for ourself and keep advancing. And step by step and with some help along the way, we can create an exciting, rich and fulfilling life.

That is why I decided to follow this inner voice that directed me to coaching and to the beautiful world of Mars and Venus. Last but not least I was very lucky to grow up in a household where psychology has always been a big part of my life and education. Having a mother who is a well known psychologist in the Netherlands, and has developed her own complementary therapy method called PRI (past reality integration) and has written a multitude of books about it. She has always been a big source of knowledge and inspiration that has stimulated my deep interest for human behavior and emotional intelligence since a very young age.

To sum it all up, my practice as a mars and venus coach is unique, as I am skilled in combining gender intelligence, depth psychology and Art into a tailor made approach to best help my clients.

Knowing how Men and Women are different is the key to better relationships.

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